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So, I have my first class of the term in 3.5 hours.
I came to campus early to pick up the books that I'll need
($270, btw - for THREE BOOKS, and two of them I got used).
I already have 3 chapters assigned to read before my 6:30 class,
and 4 questions to do.... for taxation :(
I'm trying to stay positive though - after this term,
I'll only have 6 or so more classes before I'm finished my undergrad.
It kinda makes me miserable, because it seems like forever from now,
BUT, 6 isn't as much as 10..and I'm starting to feel like I may actually move past the undergrad someday...
Which is new, because for the last 2-3 years, I've kinda been feeling like it would never end since I HATE it so much.

Anyway, styrofoam_guy reminded me that I haven't posted an update on my condition...
clearly I'm still alive, so that's good news!
The puss is all gone, which is also awesome.
I still have pretty bad cold symptoms, but they're mostly sinus an nose congestion,
so I'm thinking that could also be attributed to allergies.
Whatever it is - its damn annoying and makes it really hard for me to breath, eat, and sleep.
It makes it very difficult to makeout too (woe is me!).

Oh! I also started work working at the office of my part-time job yesterday.
It definitely is more of a pain in the ass than working at home,
but it does give me more hours, and it gets me out of the house.
I think it's going to help my social skills a little,
I kinda feel like I've become a bit of a hermit or something...
living inside all day, working with nothing to keep me company but the sad glow of the computer screen...
I have no classes Mon, Wed, Fri, so I'll probably take those days to work at the office,
which is nice because I'll have a larger paycheck these days.

Alright - last, but definitely not least,
here is an update of what's been going on with my REAL work.
We finished another video - for the wonderfully beautiful and talented MJ Cyr,
she is submitting it to MuchMusic this week, I think - so good luck to her!

We also have another video that we shot a few months ago for the INCREDIBLE band USS
(currently #2 on EDGE's Thursday 30!). It looks like they are almost ready to release it,
so that should be seen on MuchMusic sometime in the near future!
I'm heading out to London tomorrow to see USS at Salt Lounge with Walk off the Earth, that's looking to be an awesome show!

Last week we also shot two spots for an non-profit organization called Million Dollar Youth
featuring acoustic artist Justin Nozuka & UN goodwill youth ambassador Mathew Cimone.
They have a gala coming up at the end of the month with some really awesome bands playing.
I definitely suggest that you all come to the gala with me!! Stay tuned for the promotional videos in the next few days - they are in post-production as I type.

One of the guys that is playing at the gala is Peter Katz,
I saw him live this weekend and decided that he is AMAZING.
Listening just to his music online, I didn't hear anything really special,
but seeing him live made such a HUGE difference!
His shows are so multi-dimensional - he has great stage presence,
and he makes his shows really entertaining, and his music is great!
The music is kinda folk-ish/alt. rock, so some of you here might appreciate it.

Ok. one more thing - I swear!
Two of the directors that I represent, Alon Isocianu and Derek Smith will be joining me, along with Gautam Pinto and Tim Sandik of CraveFest (the international music video festival) as panelist in "An Indie Blueprint to Music Video Production". The panel is a part of the Toronto Independent Music Awards' "Off the Radar" seminar which will be held on July 4th this year at Jeff Healey's Roadhouse. I'm super excited to be a part of this! If any of you know any indie artists, let them know about this event - it should be really informative.

That's it, that's my update!
It's now 3:13, which means that I've procrastinated for 45 minutes...
I should get back to work now...still got 3 chapters to read, and 4 questions to do :(

Links to things referenced above:

I threw a surprise link in there. Can you find it?
haha. Man, I talk/type too much - I've now procrastinated for an hour. :P

Heading home even earlier

so, I pretty much think that I have tonsillitis.
This afternoon, while we were at the farmer's market, I bought a coffee.
My throat started hurting, and I felt like I had something caught in the back of it.
On the way home, I took a quick look in the mirror, and I could definitely see my left tonsil all covered in white puss! Yup - nice 'n graphic... it was gross.

So, I've decided to head home tomorrow and go in to the doctor so they can confirm that it is tonsillitis.
Which, it MUST be, considering that I hung out with tonsillitis tom a few weeks ago (not to be confused with condom tom who, if I had seen instead, would have protected me from something like this)!
Thank goodness for the car that I just started leasing, otherwise I'd have to find some way of lugging all my $hit from the greyhound station to my home thanks to that damn TTC strike...

First post!

Ok, so here I am!
postin' on live journal....!!

I've never done any blogging before...
Don't think that I ever even kept I diary...
Not sure what I'm going to be writing about,
but I just felt so left out.... :P

I did used to have a journal actually,
with thoughts and poetry too!
Maybe it'll all come back to me..??
That'd be nice - I haven't done that in forever!

Anyway, I'm super excited because in a few days I'll be heading back to Toronto!
Waterloo has been nice, and fun to see my friends,
but I miss the city! and it sucks having to miss so many Browncoat events!!!
I'm even *kinda* excited about some of the classes I'm going to be taking...
Not my accounting class though - I'm scared $hitless about that one!
I'm taking the first taxation class - I've been putting it off and putting it off...
and now I'm taking it this summer, and it just happens to be an accelerated course!
Which means - it's 6 hours a week instead of 3, AND it only lasts about a month and a half.
So, we have to learn the amount that normally takes 4 months, in a month and a half...
and this is one of the craziest classes too... there's a huge textbook, AND the canada income tax act...
Ok, well, now I'm getting scared, so I'm not gonna even talk about it anymore...

The two other classes that I'm taking are marketing classes,
I think those are going to be super exciting.
Marketing Communications, which is about communication in business,
like press, PR, advertising and such, and how it influences branding and building businesses.

Also Effective Persuasion....
which sounds kinda harsh, but it's really just about selling yourself, you ideas, and your business.
It sounds like something that will also be very helpful!

Well...I'm feeling pretty good about this first post,
but also very sleepy, so I think it's time to finish up!


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